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Brainwave Music - New ways to relax and improve your physical and mental health

Music can influence our feelings in many ways. Being roused by music, hearing music while doing housework or sports, or just listen to calm down can improve our mood, relax our body, and uplift our spirit. Music exhilarates and encourages our thinking and action. 

Today’s hectic world is filled with stress, pressure, and circumstances we cannot control. Many of us are living franticly at the end of our emotional resources, trying to fulfill our obligations and duties, and finding it hard to relax and renew bodies, minds, and spirits.

Theta Brainwave Meditation Sample

Many people choose quiet and harmonic sounds to calm down, clear their minds, and sort out their thoughts of the day. They aim to relax mind and body, hoping to become mentally free and fight stress and tension. 

Brainwave music is a special type of music that can influence our attitudes, moods, and behaviors using a technique known as brainwave entrainment. You can use brainwave music to more quickly and reliably reach specific brainwave states associated with your desired goals.

Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats

The technique of brainwave entrainment rests on scientific research done in the early twentieth century (see Wikipedia). This research began with H. Berger detecting Alpha brainwaves. Further investigation revealed that the intensity of Alpha waves could be improved using oscillating lights. This research was the first scientific proof that brainwave entrainment was possible.

In the 1940s, the scientists Dempsey and Morison demonstrated that entrainment of brainwaves is possible by sensorial stimulus as well. Successful activation of brainwaves with clicker training at a click frequency of 15 Hz was soon detected.  This frequency is the same as modern animal trainers use when training dogs and horses. These experiments showed the possibility of brainwave entrainment using auditory stimulation.

Forty years after the detection of Alpha-waves, the possibility of brainwave entrainment was accepted, and people started to experiment with different frequency of light for brainwave entrainment.

A good result was seen when patients needed far fewer narcotics before surgery or dental treatment after using brainwave stimulation. Several published papers of the time referred to less loss of blood during surgery, less experience of pain, and a decrease of anxiety during medical procedures.

A scientific study published by Dr. Oster in Scientific America in 1973 demonstrated the successful use of music for brainwave entrainment. He reported on the impact of two musical tones, which he combined into a rhythmic beat, on the brainwaves of his test subjects. He called these combined tones “monaural” and “binaural beats.”

Dr. Oster’s research showed that monaural beats resulted in powerful electric activity of the cerebral cortex, whereas binaural beats created barely any activity. The beats are described in more detailed here.

Binaural Bliss - A deep meditation from alpha to theta mind state


Brainwave music with isochronic tones

Nearly ten years later, the isochronic tones and their effect on brainwave activity were detected. During the nineteen eighties and nineties, researchers all over the world conducted studies with up to 5,000 patients to show the potential applications of visual and auditory brainwave entrainment. Their results showed its therapeutic usefulness for relaxation, synchronization of brain hemispheres, and healing or lessening several conditions, such as headaches, ADHD, learning disorders, depression, and others. 

The results of the scientific studies were quite promising. Therefore, many studies are ongoing, especially in the field of psychology, and some of the modern EEGs contain the technical equipment for brainwave stimulation.


Visual and auditory activation of human brainwaves underwent intensive scientific research for more than eighty years. The results are astonishing and promising. Nevertheless, compared to the proven positive impact of brainwave entrainment, the technique is not well-known. 

This lack of exposure of the benefits of brainwave entrainment may be a direct result of the fact that this technique is simple, reasonably priced, and may be performed by anybody at home. Pharmaceutical companies are the most wide-spread information platforms for medical information and supply. They are not interested in technology which provides no profit. 

Moreover, many people are skeptical of beneficial techniques for improving life which do not come from the medical establishment. However, scientists and users of brainwave entrainment technology confirm by research and self-experience that brainwave music can improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being faster than many other conventional healing methods. How brainwave music enhances health is explained in more detail on other pages at this website.

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